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We are asking Brave Girls to come together to support, love and honor our Brave Sisters around the world! $10 at a time!

Many of you followed Melody's trip to Manila last month. We were inspired by these beautiful. brave, strong sisters of ours who have been through too much suffering. They were among the 27 million people in the world today who are held in slavery. We have met our sisters. We have seen their faces. We have chosen to NEVER look away from this horrible atrocity again. We will do something!

Let's start by helping partnering with Full Circle Exchange and She's Worth It to help Wipe Every Tear open a new safe house! The Dahlia House will house 12+ girls in their journey to healing.

The total need is $73,000. Wipe Every Tear has raised $30,000 so far.

We believe that the BRAVE GIRLS can help make this dream a reality. We can raise $43,000 THIS MONTH.

That may sound like a big number - but it's NOTHING when we all work together!

Here's the plan: Each of us donate $10 and ask 10 friends to do the same. It's that simple. If 430 of us can do that, we can raise $43,000 this next month! Did you know that the average price of a slave in the world today is $90? That's why our goal is for Brave Girls around the world to raise $100 each (10 friends x $10). We want to say to the slave traders / pimps / brothel owners that we value her more!!!

She's Worth It!!

Will you help us? Will you donate $10? Will you put it on your FB and ask your friends/family/coworkers to donate $10? Will you email people? Tweet people? Heck, beg people at the grocery story or your local faith community or school or business?! :-) We believe she's worth it. We believe that when EACH of us believes this, we will make a difference.

We will stand with our sisters. We will honor them and love them. We will send the message to the world that we will not look away from injustice any longer but will raise our voices to shout the truth that She's Worth It!

***100% of what is raised will go towards this project! The cost for using Razoo/Credit Cards is 2.9%, if you'd like to add that to your gift, it would be much appreciated and hep us reach our goal!

***She's Worth It is a non-denominational campaign, fundraising for many different organizations, both religious and non religious - all with the desire to rescue and restore girls so that they may know their worth! The money is collected through Psalms 82.3, but they are simply a clearinghouse. Razoo writes the check to them, then they will write a check to Wipe Every Tear. We want to respect the beliefs all of all Brave Girls all over the world, and we all know, ALL of our sisters are meant to be FREE We love you all, all of our sisters, no matter where you are, no matter how all of our beliefs differ. We all need each other, we can all help each other along.

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