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Artisans of Ejo Hazaza

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The Isaro Jewelry Collection for Flutter NYC, by Ejo Hazaza

There are 529 Rwandan artisan cooperatives; Indego Africa only partners with 11. Help us reach the rest: Donate to the Incubator Fund.

Indego Africa Board: Annual Campaign

The Indego Africa Board has set a fundraising goal of $10,000 to the Business Incubator Fund by the end of 2012. We have already secured a matching grant for $5,000 from Board members, but we need you to get us the next $5,000. Every gift you make towards the Fund is essentially doubled! Here's why we're excited about this:

Business Incubator Fund

The Incubator Fund allows Indego Africa to lay the ground work for successful partnerships with new artisan cooperatives. Donate to the Incubator Fund and empower more women with the tools for sustainable living. Read more about our development programs.

Success Story: Ejo Hazaza

Ejo Hazaza is a beading cooperative located 10 km outside of Kigali. Formed in 2005, the cooperative now includes 29 women, all of whom came from refugee camps and are HIV+. "Ejo Hazaza" translates to "Beads of Tomorrow," and alludes to the artisan's hope for a better future.

Indego Africa first partnered with Ejo Hazaza in the summer of 2012. Prior to partnering with Indego Africa, the women of Ejo Hazaza made less than $1 per day and rarely received orders for their beautiful hand-beaded products.

Following months of diligent training, sampling, and daily visits to Ejo Hazaza's work space, Indego Africa staff introduced Ejo Hazaza to a jewelry designer in the US.

Ejo Hazaza's first project with Indego Africa, the ISARO jewelry collection for Flutter NYC, received international recognition and was even featured in the August 2012 issue of InStyle Magazine!

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