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Big Hearts For Little Teeja

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Lounging on the pelican with Mama - chemo day 1. 5.26.12

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Playing hide and go seek on the pirate ship with Daddy (Mama found them in the slide!) - chemo day 1. 5.26.12

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Teeja & Gigi enjoying an edible fruit arrangement from Auntie Cea!

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Teeja loves her Baba!

Size 550x415 teeja
Size 550x415 teeja%20eating

Teeja wanted apple pie and cheese with crackers - chemo day 1. 5.26.12

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Poor Teeja feeling terrible after a few days of chemotherapy:(

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While little Teeja does the heavy lifting through chemo treatments, OUR job is easy - help fund the huge costs that are mounting daily.

I never thought I would have to write this.

We created this page to raise money for my dear friend, whose 2 year-old daughter - only 6 months older then my own - is battling cancer. I never thought when I watched in awe, as Teeja entered the world on that beautiful Florida day, that only 2 short years later she would be diagnosed with a life threatening disease.

We all hear about childhood cancers, we see the commercials on TV, we ache for those kids, but never in a million years do we think it will happen to us, to our child, to our friend. For Teeja, what began as a simple tummy ache has turned out to be a stage 3 neuroblastoma which will require aggressive treatment including a grueling regimen of chemotherapy that will last for 6 months.

The hope is that the cancer has not spread, that the chemo will shrink this very active tumor, and that it can be removed successfully – but a terrible nightmare has become a reality for Tana, Dennis, and their family.

Chemotherapy over the next six months means so many unexpected expenses: endless trips to All Children’s Hospital and consistent out-patient visits – a 100 mile round trip, the need for an ultra-clean environment at home (air and water purification systems) and costly daily sterile care items, prescription meds not covered by insurance, lost wages, upfront insurance deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, many meals and incidental costs while away from home.

As if this was not enough, Tana and Dennis are expecting the birth of Bryn, their second daughter , within a few weeks – perhaps earlier!

We’re asking you to dig deep and help Tana and Dennis focus on Teeja’s recovery while together we help cover the initial estimated $15,000 in uncovered expenses.

Here are some ways to help:

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TAMPA, FL 33622

(727) 492-6272



TEEJA'S FUND helps offset the mounting expenses related to Teeja's last hope for treatment of recurring neuroblastoma tumors.

EIN: 593356183

Reports: Guidestar

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