Benny Torres

Benny's Running The Chicago Marathon & Fighting Childhood Obesity (with your help, hopefully!)

Benny Torres 's fundraiser for CHICAGO RUN

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Me at 200 lbs. Only 13 years old!

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The before and after!

Benny is running the Chicago Marathon for Chicago Run. They support running programs for youth in Chicago. Donate! DO IT FOR FAT BENNY!

Just a scant four years ago - I weighed over 260 pounds. Four years ago I thought I was confident but I wasn’t. I thought I could do whatever I wanted, but I couldn’t. The weight and the laziness had a way of tricking me into complacency. Tricking me into believing I could never be who I truly was, would never go where I truly wanted to go, could never compete as I wanted to compete.

And then I found running. And running changed everything.
It was free and beautiful and difficult and terrible and amazing. Running made me feel free. It healed me. It helped me think and made me feel deeply.

And slowly but surely, over the past four years. We’ve come to this. 100 pounds lost. A wall full of medals. Three marathons. Two half marathons. Countless other races and runs and miles. And the speed, oh the speed. I just finished a half-marathon at a 6:35 minutes a mile pace.

My life has changed. I’ve grown confident in my body, and because of this come out of the closet. I summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. And I”m just starting out. I want to run a marathon in every state and every continent. Including Antartica. I want to rock climb. I want to run the Iron Man Triathalon. Who knows what else I can do?

I’m running my fourth Chicago marathon in October. I plan to run it in under 3 hours. I’m running it for a charity called Chicago Runs. They bring running programs to children in Chicago Public Schools.

They help them find confidence and help them learn and love their bodies. In short - they help them avoid the mistakes I made for 23 years.

I’m running this race for those kids. I’m running this race for 200 pound, 13-year old Benny. Every mile is for that kid. Every mile is for the kids who want to run. Who deserve to run. Who deserve confidence and joy and love and to be themselves.
I’m asking you to help me help these kids. Help me raise money for an organization that will help kids avoid what I have escaped. Any amount of money will help. Below you’ll see how much it costs to run a program like this.

I’ll be keeping a tally of how much money a mile I’ve collected and what it will do fo the community. I’ll be sharing it on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr so you know what your donations are doing. I’ll be matching 10% of whatever is donated.

I know we get asked for money for a lot of different causes throughout the year - and I’m thankful you’ve even read thus far. I’d really appreciate you considering donating under my name for this race. Thanks for being an important part of my life and an important part of this race.

- Benny


Our mission is to promote the health and wellness of Chicago children through innovative, engaging, and sustainable youth running programs. We currently serve 13,400 students throughout Chicago in 55 Chicago Public Schools. 89 % of Chicago Run participants qualify for free or reduced lunch. Chicago Run currently has a wait list of schools. All donations will help Chicago Run meet the demand and allow for more children in Chicago to get up and running during the 2012-2013 school year.

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Chicago Run is a non-profit organization that implements and supports free running programs to Chicago Public School students.

EIN: 261505779

Reports: Guidestar

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