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  1. Size 120x120 babyakshina2

    $1,200 raised
    so far

    Baby Boy Verma

    Diapers cannot be purchased with food stamps or through WIC. They cost $75-$100/month. Please help us support families in need by donating.

    Tina Doshi A fundraiser by Tina Doshi for Help A Mother Out


    • 20 donors
  2. Size 120x120 felix hawaiifeb201401

    $75 raised
    so far

    More Happy Babies Like Felix

    In honor of Felix's first birthday, help other babies have a basic necessity that will keep them healthy.

    Jovan & Deandra Ludovice A fundraiser by Jovan & Deandra Ludovice for Help A Mother Out


    • 1 donor
  3. Size 120x120 story video

    Nicole Wants Diapers For Her Birthday!

    This year, I am asking for the ultimate gift for a 24th birthday: diapers!

    Nicole Belanger A fundraiser by Nicole Belanger for Help A Mother Out

  4. Gold size 120x120

    Diaper donation needed for babies in property

    Open your hearts and wallets guys this christmas, and donate to this cause to buy diapers for babies in need.

    Don Na A fundraiser by Don Na for Help A Mother Out

  5. Size 120x120 img 20140427 080109

    $510 raised
    so far

    Liam B is 3

    In lieu of birthday presents, please donate to help provide diapers to children in need.

    Joan Bogart A fundraiser by Joan Bogart for Help A Mother Out


    • 6 donors