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Catalina Chung 's fundraiser for BELOVED INTERNATIONAL

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Instead of a gift this Christmas, please help me raise money for our end of the year CANDLELIGHT KITCHEN campaign.

Did you ever think to yourself, why do people go on short term missions? Wouldn't that money they raised to cover airfare and other costs be better spent if it went directly to the cause? There is a reason for short term missions, but at the same time when you think about the thousands of dollars spent to send people for a week or two and how much these places are struggling to keep afloat, it brings you to another perspective. Here is that chance to help. I have decided to not raise money to go but instead just pay my way there, and any money I raise will go straight to building the kitchen and dining hall for our home in Kinangop, Kenya. Will you help?

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Bringing orphans the hope of spiritual adoption into God's family through the gift of earthly adoption into a Christian home.

EIN: 273707866

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