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Help us provide a house of HOPE for orphans and vulnerable children in India... a home that will last for generations!

In India, orphans are considered to be some of the lowest people. They are unwanted children. Some of them are the product of rape or prostitution. Many are born into extreme poverty. They are abandoned at hospitals, put out on the street to beg, sold as slaves, or left to die on the roadside. They are outcasts - forgotten by society.

For that reason, people here often don't want to rent their property to be used as an orphanage. Even if they agree to rent it to our partners, they can change their mind at anytime, or decide to up their price drastically! Things like fluctuating rent can be a serious problem for a charitable organization - especially when it is unexpected!

But there's more. According to our Indian Partners, the government has been talking about passing a new law in India. This law would require every orphanage to own the land and building it is operating in. If they do not comply immediately - then their children will be taken from them, split up, and forced to live in government orphanages! This law has been under discussion for several years, and our partners are fearful that it could go into effect at any moment.

For all these reasons - we are committed to raising the money needed to buy land and build a new home for the children at *Asha Mission, Delhi. As you can see in the video above, they desperately need more space for their kids! We believe this project will not only help these 33 children grow and thrive - but it will also empower our partners at Asha Mission to rescue more children - for generations to come!

India is an overpopulated country and land is very expensive there. Our partners have put down a deposit on a piece of land, but in order to purchase it we must pay the full amount by May 20th - and we are $150,000 short. The GREAT news is - we have a $75,000 matching gift - but it will not be released until another $75,000 is raised.

We need your help! If we do not get the $75,000 raised by May 20th, then we lose the land, the kids lose a chance at a new home, and our partners lose the tens of thousands of dollars they put down as a deposit.

This is a ONE SHOT DEAL. We get once chance to change the lives of these precious little girls and boys - and to save the lives of many others who have yet to be rescued.

If that sounds like a lot of money to you, then listen to this - Americans spent $52.4 Billion on Black Friday last year. That's BILLIONS of dollars wasted on TV's and cameras and x-boxes. Can you imagine what would happen if we used that kind of money to invest in the lives of children in need?

Please trust us when we say this is a wise investment. The neighborhood the children are in now is very polluted - with open sewers on each side of the tiny streets. They do not have a yard of any kind - it's just a cement building that leads out into a crowded street. And the roof isn't even an escape from the cramped quarters! Every side of it is facing another building, with only a few feet between them. No matter where the children go, they are crowded in.

But this new land is in a much better area! It has wide streets, and no open sewers to step in. There are good schools in the area - which means a quality education for the children, and less transportation costs to and from school. There are also a lot less buildings in the area, and room for the children to have a grassy yard to play in!

When we look at this land, we see a bright future for thousands of orphans in the years to come. This will be a home that will last! Today, we're asking you to join us in supporting this vision. Give your tax-deductible gift now!


*Asha is Hindi for HOPE.

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