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Jessie's famous salad

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AFC retreat

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AFC garden produce...yummy!

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Corner Store Makeover

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Corner Store Cooler

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We are a community driven organization. Community members brainstormed changes they want in their health.

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We plant a community garden!

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Appetite For Change uses food as a tool to facilitate health, wealth and social change in North Minneapolis through community organizing.

AFC knows food is the common thread that weaves together disparities and inequities around access to resources (food, jobs, health care, land, education, political capital, etc.) between groups based on class, race or geographic location. Appetite For Change's goals are to 1) Create a constituency-led organization using food as a lens through which to tackle inequities and disparities related to race, class and geography; 1) Develop products and services that are proposed, shaped and owned by the community; 2) Use food as an organizing tool to bring people together around policy, systems and environmental change that impacts food access, racial, economic and health equity; 3) Help create a value-based local foods supply chain that benefits North Minneapolis growers and vendors while providing more access to fresh foods; and 4) Create a space for families to name the issues that they want to fight and collectively work to change.

Appetite For Change is a nonprofit organization in North Minneapolis and was founded as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity in early 2011. We are shaping a community-driven organization in order to create programming, products and services that are wanted, needed and owned by the community.

We have quickly learned that the key to having sustainable projects is to work on those that are envisioned by community members and are planned, implemented and evaluated by the residents within the communities where we work. Our goal is to create a community based and led organization whose mission, vision and projects are shaped by the people we are serving. Appetite For Change is intentionally working collaboratively with residents, organizations, and institutions to create food and garden-based programming that will build individual, family and community capacity to come together around food while working to create social change.

Appetite For Change is committed to using food as a mechanism for addressing racial, social, gender and economic inequities as well as impacting health disparities. Food can be a powerful tool to build health, wealth and promote positive change in the community.

We believe that when families come together around the dinner table to reclaim the kitchen as a place to bond with and educate children, then communities become stronger and more capable to advocate for themselves and against the injustices they experience. Bringing people together around food is one way to build capacity for creating social, racial and economic justice while bettering communities and making families more powerful agents of change.

At Appetite For Change, we are attempting to innovate at every level, including the processes we use to generate ideas and make decisions. We generate ideas by taking risks, trying out innovative approaches to community-powered problem solving, evaluating our impact with community input and tweaking our approach. Our Youth Leaders, Program Managers and Director make up our "Planning Team" and as a group we try to build consensus around major decisions that impact the organization's strategic plan implementation.

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Appetite For Change
2900 Fremont Ave N #108


Appetite For Change uses food as a tool to facilitate health, wealth and social change in North Minneapolis through community organizing.

EIN: 275112040

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