Dorothy Weiss

This is my story from 2009- Oct. 2011 before i went to CHOP for treatment.......

Ever since November 2009, I have been in chronic pain. At first the pain was light and bearable, but it kept getting worse and worse. The summer of 2010, i was on crutches and a walker. It was really difficult because it was the summer!! I wanted to have fun with my friends, not be at home in pain all the time. For several months I couldn't get up the stairs so i was being home schooled. This might sound like the greatest thing in the world, but it was the WORST! It was so hard to be alone when I was usually with my friends. As well as being home schooled, because i couldn't get up the stairs, I had to sleep in my den (my TV room.) The first day it was kind of fun, but after a while, I got sick and tired of not being able to go into my room. It may seem weird, but i missed the atmosphere of my room. very calming and may I say, zen (I love that word :).) Finally, with a lot of physical therapy, I got better. Then around December 2010, it went all down hill again.Now keep in mind that i had seen dozens of doctors who said I was faking and saw a rheumatologist who was a good doctor, i just didn't like him :) One day, i just couldn't get out of bed. My legs were in so much pain i couldn't move them. This time we knew something was in me that just took a hiatus. It was back now and ready to rock. As any parents would do, my parents called my rheumatologist, Dr. Thomas Lehman at the Hospital for Special Surgery in the City. He recommended us to one of his his friends Dr. David Sherry here at CHOP. Of course when i looked it up and found out i would have to stay at a hospital 3 or 4 hours away from home for 4 or more weeks.... I did not want to go. Eventually I knew i had to go so I just accepted it (I still really do not want to go but oh well!!!) We had to wait for so long to be accepted. It was really nerve racking!!! Finally I was accepted and now i am waiting for me to get better!!! thanks for reading!!
This pain that I (and possibly you) have is very real. If you have this, DO NOT think that you are crazy. It doesn't mean your crazy or stupid if you have pain like this. It means that there is something wrong. If you want to find more on RND and CHOP, you can read more here..... check out the CHOP webpage.. OR

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