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Amber Doolittle fundraising for Peru Mission Trip 2012

Amber Doolittle 's fundraiser for Grace Bible Church

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While in Peru in 2010, we worked at several Christian daycare centers, such as this one.

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At one of the daycares, we helped serve lunch.

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My dad, with a Quechua New Testament. We handed these out along the trail.

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Here is one of our campsites. The scenery and climate were amazing!

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On our 4 day hike, we met lots of Quechua kids.

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The Quechua women and girls wore bright and colorful clothing.

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Here are our Quechua guides, cooks, musicians, etc. from 2010.

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While in Peru, we got to try some unusual, ethnic foods.

The reason I'm going to Peru this summer is to share the Good News of Jesus with the people of Peru.

In the summer of 2010, my Dad and I went on a mission trip to Peru with AMG. We had an AMAZING time sharing the Gospel and exploring another culture. While there, we worked at several AMG daycare centers for children living in the city slums. The kids were amazing! Even though they lived in horrible conditions, their capacity for love, and their gratitude for the seemingly menial things we were doing far surpassed anything I'd ever seen. I met one little girl at one of the centers who was really special to me. She was extremely patient with my VERY limited Spanish, and we could actually communicate to some extent. She didn't have a dad at home, and she really loved my dad. By the end of the day she was calling him "papa". The hardest thing about the trip was having to leave the kids at the end of the day.

Another big part of our trip was a 4 day hike in the Andes mountains. Every day we would stop at a different Quechua village in the mountains (12,000 ft. "gasp") and share the love of Jesus through songs, puppet skits, testimonies, and just playing with the kids. At night, we showed the Jesus Film over a projector, in the Quechua language! Knowing that most of these people had never even heard the Name of Jesus before, and having the opportunity to tell them was incredible!

All of that, to say this: WE'RE GOING BACK!!!!! Our church is going on the same trip this year, and this time, our whole family's going! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am.

I have no doubt that God will provide everything we our family will need to go on this trip, if it's in His plan. If you would like to help, financial support is very much needed. For our whole family to go, we will need over $8,000! But the most important way you can help is through prayer. Pray that God would prepare each member of our team for every aspect of this trip, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. And pray that God would prepare the hearts of the people of Peru to recieve His Word.

I can't wait to see what God will do this summer !

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