Alexis Avila

Alexis Avila's Return Quest to Take on Heartbreak Hill

Alexis Avila 's fundraiser for MASS MENTORING PARTNERSHIP INC

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Victory Pose after the brutally hot 2012 Boston Marathon

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My now 21 Year old Lil Bro Danielson with that million dollar smile

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Marathon Shoes

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Little Bro Danielson Graduation from Somerville High School

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Danielson and I tackled the BAA 10K Race 2012

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Sporting my 2012 Marathon Shirt at JJ McKays in Wayland

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W 2012 Mass Mentoring Teammates Maggie Lapan and Ryan Sterling

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Post Marathon Celebration with the Mass Mentoring 2012 Boston Marathon Team

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I've been a Big Brother since 03'-was a Big Brother Finalist in 2010-& have seen my "Little" grow up into a successful, young professional.

  • When I first met my little brother Danielson in 2003, he was a shy, introverted sixth grader who spoke only a few words to me.
  • Flash forward ten years into the future and now little brother Danielson lights up a room when he enters it. His outgoing, positive, charismatic attitude is infectious. He's a successful 21 year old IT Specialist at a Fortune 500 company. He's a runner who won the 2012 Year Up 5K and successfully completed the 2012 BAA 10K and BAA Half Marathon.
  • So why am I bragging so much about Danielson? Because MENTORING WORKS!
  • I am dedicating this marathon journey-my second- to programs such as Mass Mentorship and the Big Brother Big Sister that allow marginalized youth the chance to succeed in this ultra-competitive society.
  • Running the 2012 Boston Marathon was one of the hardest challenge of my life. Staying focused on this mentoring cause kept me in the mental game and a good hydration plan and five months of rigorous training kept my body upright for the 26.2 miles.
  • The journey to the marathon is not a cakewalk. There are injuries, there are set-backs, and tons of sacrifice. But in the end I raised over 6,000 dollars and the Mass Marathon Coalition raised over half a million dollars to youth programs and charities. I think making the world a better place for these kids is worth the sacrifice.
  • Running is not about moving backward, it's about moving forward; it's about moving forward with your life and moving forward with your health. And a good mentor can teach a kid how to move his or her life in a positive direction.
  • I'll see you at 26.2 and I'll be the one wearing the Michigan blue.

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