Alexandria Seaport Foundation

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Kegni and Michael building their toolboxes, the first apprentice project.

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Educational Boat building in the schools--dory boat models at Winkler Preserve

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Apprentices, volunteers, and staff turning the first dory.

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Curtis Blues and the Hammond Hammerheads playing cigar box guitars.

Size 550x415 steptoe%20boat%20build%202011

Gluing up the Challenge Wherry

Size 550x415 apprentices%20at%20work

Making toy boat kits in the 2 Duke St. Shop

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Alexandria Seaport Foundation improves the lives of young people through project based learning, adult mentoring and wooden boat building.

Through the building and use of wooden boats, the Alexandria Seaport Foundation helps at-risk youth turn their lives around, providing them the job skills, social skills, and educational tools needed to become responsible citizens.

Apprentice Program

Apprentice Testimonies:

"I owe the Alexandria Seaport Foundation more than I can say for the knowledge of carpentry and life that was given to me. I was shown that there are much more positive ways to survive than the ways I was choosing!"

"The Seaport Foundation has helped me more than I could have ever known. I was given hope when I had none; I was given purpose when there was none; I was given patience and time when I felt I’d never earned it; I was given a chance when I thought I had used the last of them up."

"During my time at the Alexanria Seaport Foundation, a
change occurred in my perception of life. My negative attitude was replaced by a newfound appreciation for responsibility, accountability and respect. I was shown that there are more positive ways to survive than the ways that I was choosing. ASF changed my life."

"All I can say is "thank you" to the people at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation for never giving up on me and giving me the opportunity to grow as a person and a worker."

"When I first came to Seaport I was in and out of trouble doing drugs, running the streets. I didn't care how other people felt about me or what they thought. I had the worst attitude ever but they helped me stay focused on the things I needed to do to better myself and actually be someone in life. It took a lot of hard work and dedication from me and Seaport, but it paid off."

Middle School Math Program


  • 100% of participants in ASF's Middle School Math Program improve in math.
  • Project-based learning engages students who have not been successful in traditional classroom settings
  • Success in math translates to success in other academic subjects.

National Recognition and Awards

  • CNN Giving in Focus
  • NBC Making a Difference
  • CBS Evening News
  • Washingtonian
  • Catalogue for Philanthropy
  • Alexandria Philanthropy Summit (2009) Nonprofit Leader of the Year

It costs $35,000 to put one apprentice through our seven-month program. The success of ASF's programs relys upon contributions from individual donors, corporations, foundations and government grants.


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Organization Information

Alexandria Seaport Foundation
PO BOX 25036
Location - 0 Thompson's Alley ALEXANDRIA, VA 22313


Alexandria Seaport Foundation improves the lives of young people through project based learning, adult mentoring and wooden boat building.

EIN: 541208614

Reports: Guidestar


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