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AMHF supports the effective and compassionate medical efforts of mission and church organizations across the continent.


The African Mission Healthcare Foundation exists to support the effective and compassionate medical efforts of mission and church organizations across the continent. The Foundation seeks to link the generosity of American citizens, philanthropy and churches to increase the reach and impact of effective on-the-ground healthcare workers.



AMHF seeks to support effective implementing hospitals, clinics and organizations by providing additional resources so they can more fully serve their communities. Many missionaries, priests, nuns, and African health professionals live and work sacrificially amidst difficult circumstances. We strive to come alongside them, listening to the needs which they identify rather than emphasizing only vertical, disease-focused and donor-driven projects. A special emphasis will be placed upon training Africans to meet the needs of their people. To the extent resources allow, AMHF will support a geographically diverse set of Catholic and Protestant programs.

Implementation and Sustainability

A great deal of resources flows to research, policy, and classroom training. These are not the priorities of AMHF and its partners. Rather, we seek to implement at the ground level, to provide care, to see patients on the wards, to educate the surgeon in the operating room and the nurse in the clinic, and to solve what is known as the “last mile problem,” making sure that resources go to the purpose and to the people intended.

Although the term sustainability is used frequently within the aid community, mission health institutions have proven that they can in fact endure. Despite extreme poverty, widespread disease, war, political unrest, and the AIDS epidemic, many of our partner institutions have survived for 50, 75 or 100 years. AMHF seeks to invest in projects which will further strengthen the longitudinal presence of these institutions within their communities.

Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency

AMHF officers include past and current missionaries and health professionals with extensive contacts within and knowledge of the mission healthcare community. In concert with the advisory board and our partner organizations, only the institutions with proven records of success and accountability will be selected for sponsorship.

In addition to selecting high-impact initiatives for sponsorship, AMHF will provide effective oversight, marketing, fundraising and support at the lowest possible cost. The Foundation’s administrative partner provides services to the charity at no charge. The services of the co-founder and CEO are donated.

Committed to the poor

For those with resources, quality medical services can be obtained in Africa. Foundation efforts will be focused upon those institutions serving the poor, especially in rural, underdeveloped areas where mission health institutions are often located.

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African Mission Healthcare Foundation
7413 Maxtown Road WILMINGTON, DE 19801


AMHF supports the effective and compassionate medical efforts of mission and church organizations across the continent.

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