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Rouge River, Oregon. It doesn't get better than this, OR CAN IT ?!

US BICYCLE ROUTE SYSTEM - be a part of building it !

This May, for National Bike Month, I want you to consider an alternate reality. In this world, bicycles and cars coexist on America's roads. You step out of your home and get on your bike. You pedal with ease not only to the grocery store, but to the next town, the big city, and even the next state — as far as you want to go. Signs tell you that you are on U.S. Bike Route 66. To the east lies Tulsa and Oklahoma City — to your west, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and beyond that, Los Angeles. You know that at any point you can take to the road and follow the route west, east, or connect to another route in the extensive network, all by following the maps and observing the signs. These routes are officially recognized bicycle routes, and they are maintained by State Departments of Transportation to ensure that they remain suitable for bicycle travel.

This future does not have to be just a dream. Join me as we raise money for the development of the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS). Become a Core Supporter and donate today.

The U.S. Bicycle Route System will one day be the largest network of officially numbered interstate bicycle routes in the world, connecting America's cities, suburbs, and rural areas. And in parts of this country, we are already closer to making the dream a reality. Alaska, Michigan, Kentucky, Virginia, Maine, and North Carolina are all home to officially designated U.S. Bicycle Routes. Thirty-four other states are also at some stage of the implementation process. Without the support of all 50 states, however, this project won't be able to realize its full potential. With your contribution and help to grow awareness of the USBRS project, we can reach that goal.

Adventure Cycling Association is providing the resources and staff time necessary to make the U.S. Bicycle Route System a reality. Coordinating 40 state partners, Departments of Transportation, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, and our numerous other nonprofit partners is a tremendous undertaking but we have the history and track record as America's bicycle-travel experts to accomplish it. We also have members like you, who understand that with federal funding for bike programs in jeopardy, your donation can help us continue pushing this project forward.

Join me and your fellow bicycle enthusiasts as we show the world that America is a cycling destination. With the U.S. Bicycle Route System, we will be able to go farther and explore better by bike — and only your help can get us there.

Sun Bicycles and Origin-8 are offering a generous $1,000 match challenge to kick-off our first week of the campaign! As if that wasn't enough, everyone who donates today — May 1st — will have the chance to win a Viper-10 Osprey pack, generously donated by Osprey Packs. Donate today to be entered to win!

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Adventure Cycling Association is North America’s largest bicycling membership organization with nearly 45,000 members.

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