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Adore Ministries seeks to raise $52,097 to help further it's mission.

Since our founding in 2004, Adore Ministries has called people to worship God with their entire lives. We do this through large corporate worship gatherings, development of small faith communities, empowerment of leaders, and by being present as God’s disciples to the communities we serve.

This mission has been carried out by establishing Adore missionaries in cities where we are able to set up multi-generational worship gatherings, lead Bible studies and catechesis, and serve the needs of the community. We have also toured the country offering Adore worship nights in many cities and led thousands of communities in corporate worship. Our tours have included artists like Matt Maher, Joshua Blakesly, Audrey Assad, Ike Ndolo, and Jackie Francois. In addition, our missionaries collectively speak to tens of thousands of people each year and our worship nights attract both young and old alike.

Bricks & Mortar

There are many well-trained professionals who make a living consulting and teaching people how to raise money for various organizations. If you can get them to give you a nugget of advice, without charging you, they will tell you that one of the fundamental tenants of fundraising is that people want to give to “bricks and mortar.” People want to give to something they can see and touch. This is great advice, yet what happens when your ministry isn’t about building anything grand but is about building people into disciples? What if your ministry is about building the Kingdom of God?

Jesus understood “bricks and mortar.” He was a carpenter he knew the ins and outs of building – from the drawing plans to the materials needed. Yet, Jesus’ ministry wasn’t about building things in the physical sense but rather was about the spiritual building up of the Kingdom of God. Without a solid and reliable cornerstone placed in a building, the whole structure would be at risk for collapsing. In Matthew, Jesus is proclaiming that he is the cornerstone, the firm foundation, of the world and of our lives.

Through the ministry of Adore, we invite people into the very heart of Jesus’ ministry… into the reality that God is alive, God is real, God is active, God cares, God pursues us, loves, forgives, and heals us, God moves, and God desires to be in a relationship with us. It is a relationship with God through his Son, the cornerstone, which holds our life together. A life without Christ would fall apart and break down. As Jesus states, “A house built on sand will be completely ruined, yet a house built on rock will withstand any storm.” (Matthew 7:24-27)

Building Spiritual Houses

By the power of his Holy Spirit, we help build people into disciples and build his Kingdom here on earth. Investing money in this less measurable type of building, the building of souls (living stones), into spiritual houses helps to produce a rich and eternal harvest for the Kingdom of God!

Your support will help Adore:

  • Continue our outreach efforts in Houma, LA and Houston, TX where we host monthly worship nights, community dinners, bible studies and more.
  • Continue touring projects; bringing worship experiences to other communities.
  • Build an online outreach using the latest tools available to offer resources to help people in their faith journey.
  • Develop resources for college aged young adults to help in their faith as they go away to college.

Buy a Brick

With the financial support necessary, it is our hope that we would take the bricks and mortar of our faith and help people become living stones and spiritual houses with Jesus as their “cornerstone” and the Church as their “rock.”

With this in mind, we are launching a two-month campaign called “Bricks and Mortar” to raise a portion of the funds needed for our ministry to continue to thrive and grow. The goal of this two-month campaign is to raise $52,097. While this is only a portion of our yearly budget of $300,000, it is a big start that will help us kick off our outreach efforts and allow us to begin allocating funds towards our new initiatives.

We don’t plan on buying any bricks with this money – and we probably won’t be building any buildings anytime soon. But you can rest assured that the funds you give will be used to do the work that matters most, the work of building the kingdom of God.

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Adore is a missionary organization that calls all people to a worship of God with their entire lives.

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