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AbNormALLyNoRmAL (web-series) Fundraising Campaign

Julie Rappaport 's fundraiser for IFP MINNESOTA CENTER FOR MEDIA ARTS


"Abnormally Normal" is an upcoming musical dra-medy made for web viewing. It addresses how a family stays family when the parents divorce.

IFPmn.org originally became a fiscal sponsor for the demo-pilot, "Just Breathe," with a $75,000 cap on fundraising. Scripts for six seasons were drafted, while the first two seasons were given most attention.

The first season of Abnormally Normal consists of 11 episodes, totalling 440 pages of script! Development and pre-production were thoroughly laid out, 28 pieces of original music were produced, and script breakdowns, shooting schedule, special effects and much more have already been accomplished.

When IFPmn.org's Executive Director, Jane Minton, was presented with the work completed thus far, she approved a tremendous raise to our fundraising amount--from the original $75,000 on the demo-pilot to $500,000.00 to start the series!!!

At the same time, the Creative Director, Julie Rappaport, had created a viable and profitable sales plan that would not only benefit the investors, but all the cast--AND CREW!!--to receive royalties through advertising sales. Julie had to prove to investors and advertisers/sponsors that the projections of internet TV and movie watching were only going to rise exponentially. In 2007, when YouTube.com was in its infancy, it was hard to convince most that within a few years, it would be rare if someone had not watched some sort of movie, short or long, on or through the internet~~and if they loved it, shared it~virally.

By the end of 2011, all the projections made in the original business plan from 2007/2008 have proven themselves. People watch~and share~movies of any length on their computers, TV's or gameboxes, and even on their smartphones!

Another few too-leading-edge components for this to have manifested in 2007 was-there was no GLEE yet. Some who saw the scripts thought people were not interested in watching musical numbers (other than on American Idol…) And there were others who thought a mom who smokes weed was a disastrous character the world was not ready for… THANK YOU "WEEDS"!!

Now, after being distracted by another movie effort, which landed SMOKIN' YOGI a "BEST" EDUCATIONAL FILM at the Int'l Family Film Festival in LA, CA in 2010 and was viewed across the nation, we are returning to our own beloved project, ABNORMALLY NORMAL. With the technology having proven itself, and internet advertising having risen exponentially in just the last few years, we are ready to re-instigate our efforts.

We sincerely appreciate your donations, and if you are interested in becoming an investor or sponsor/advertiser, please contact me directly.

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