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A Sustainable, Healthy Future for Bolivia’s Indigenous Farming Communities

Lena Pfitzner 's fundraiser for SUSTAINABLE BOLIVIA

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Workshop with local farmers of Chulumani

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Workshop with Children on Human Rights

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Workshop on Children's Rights

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Workshop on Radio Broadcasting of Community Stations

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Workshop on alcoholism and drugs

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Workshop in high school about Human Rights

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Work at the agro-ecological center in Chulumani

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Conference with local farmers

Support CAIQHO to fulfill their mission to support a sustainable, healthy future for indigenous farmers and their families.

La Cooperativa Agropecuaria Integral Ayni Qhochapampa Ltda. (CAIQHO) is a non-profit organization located in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It was established with the aim to support local communities within and around Cochabamba in achieving a better, safer, and sustainable life.

It is run by two men, passionate about being involved in as many projects as possible to solve problems of the communities, which are quite a few. Besides the issues of poverty and a lack of technological development, there is a lack of knowledge on how to use resources, what it means to live a healthy life, and why a change towards a sustainable development is so important.

CAIQHO strives to offer help and to stimulate the locals to take initiative to change, while preserving natural resources and the environment by being involved in several projects and carrying out diverse activities.

The resources and support CAIQHO offers include:

  • workshops for women’s groups, youth groups, and farmers;workshop topics range from sexual health, drug and alcohol abuse, organic farming techniques, cooperative leadership, building trade associations, or human rights
  • a small community radio station, aimed at connecting the many rural farming communities in the region with updated information and culturally relevant programming (including broadcasts in Quechua, the commonly spoken indigenous language in the area)
  • an experimental organic agriculture center in Chulumani, aimed at demonstrating effective techniques for cultivating and harvesting plants without the use of pesticides or other chemicals; the aim is to lead the local farmers away from the use of dangerous contaminants and towards effective, sustainable agricultural methods.

Last year CAIQHO was the proud organizer of the first international workshop on agro-ecology and food sovereignty and they are going to set up a second one this year!

But since they don’t earn any money from their efforts, CAIQHO is in the urgent need of external support to be able to run its projects. That’s why they need you, because it is YOUR SUPPORT, YOUR MONEY that could be of such great help for CAIQHO, and thus, for the people of Bolivia!!!

How would your money be of help?
Any funds raised would go towards:

1) curriculum development and staff time to offer workshops to a broader range of participants and communities.

2) a dedicated staff person for the community radio station, to be able to offer consistent broadcasts in Spanish and Quechua with thoughtful, relevant programming and communication that would reach more remote communities in the Chapare region.

3) resources and equipment for the organic agriculture center, to be able to plant a wider variety of crops and more thoroughly test the effectiveness of different organic cultivation methods.

4) books and educational games for a community library, aimed towards the youth who participate weekly with CAIQHO in the Chulumani Student Group. CAIQHO hopes to create a lending library to enable students in Chulumani to access books to help with their studies, their career interests, and simply to cultivate a love of reading and learning

    Remember: CAIQHO’s efforts are mainly based on the passion and contribution of only 2 people!! 2 people that changed so much already and could change even more with YOUR HELP!

    Be part of a change that so many people in Bolivia will benefit from and MAKE A DONATION! Any amount is worth to be spent.

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    OUR MISSION: To promote economic and environmental sustainability while providing global educational opportunities and work experience.

    EIN: 262203873

    Reports: Guidestar

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