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Makers gotta make: Help us keep it going. PLUS: Every dollar means TWO up to $10,000!

Have you ever wondered what the coolest place on earth looks like?

Try this.

Imagine a cavernous warehouse. No, like a big one. Not a storeroom or a basement, but an honest-to-goodness huge warehouse, laying before you, dark. Now, bring up the spot light and see:

A giant dragon’s head, mouth hanging slightly open.

A bicycle. Sleek, strong, with a 10-ft-tall profile that defies words.

A t-shirt. Or rather a hundred of them, stacked, neatly, but anxious to berate you with puns you wish you'd thought of.

A kitchen chair emerging under a student’s hand: a budding woodworker’s first furniture piece.

A giant velodrome, wheels flashing inside, a crowd cheering on. Robots trying to push each other off a raised platform. A glowing feathered serpent god made of foam. A computer screen, parts evolving according to the designer’s whim.

If you bring up the house lights, you can see the 40,000 square foot maker’s playground unveiled:

Ten fully-equipped communal shops offer resources for fabricating in wood, metal, electronics, glass, jewelry, screen printing, bicycle mechanics, sewing, and rapid prototyping. A computer lab is equipped with top-of-the-line design-for-fabrication software.

150 individual studio spaces dedicated to artists, engineers, and manufacturers of all stripes sprawl across the main floor, open to view, with innovative storage and display structures soaring towards the ceiling, stuffed with tools, materials, and an assortment of completed and in-process work.

Some sub-set of the hundreds of members and thousands of students who call this space their creative home are working, many of them together, learning from one another, coming up with innovative and sometimes wacky ideas, helping to clean or maintain tools in the common spaces, forming businesses, forming friendships.

This is a place where any idea is possible. Every hour. Every day. Open to everyone.

This place is the Artisan's Asylum… and it needs your help.

We are a non-profit organization that has grown so accustomed to supporting ourselves on a shoe-string budget of mostly earned revenue that we’ve never developed robust strategies around asking for public support. But we’re asking for it now.

Over the past three years we have grown ourselves into a corner, expanding faster than we could develop the infrastructure to sustain ourselves, and we are starting to suffer the consequences. Finances have become uncomfortably tight: we’re in the process of working our way out of a cash flow pinch, but we don’t just need to solve this week’s cash flow problem – we need to build up enough of a financial cushion that we can stop worrying about tomorrow and start planning for next year… and the years to come. And we don’t want to do that just by raising rates for our services.

The next few months will be crucial to the survival of one of the world's largest safe spaces for creation, experimentation, and the love of making. We have a solid plan to reach long-term financial sustainability, but it's going to take every resource we can bring to bear to make it happen. Your support won't just give us a few bucks to spend on toilet paper. It will give us the resources we need to take this place into the future, to serve the thousands of makers that have yet to find us. Artisan's Asylum is too exciting to be here for only a brief moment; we plan to be an institution of evolving, engaging creativity in our neighborhood and community, and a model for other creative, collaborative spaces worldwide.

What you can do:

In a nutshell? Support the amazing that happens every single day, hour and minute that the Artisan's Asylum is in existence with a contribution today. Help us get to a stable place so that we can focus on the fun problems like how to teach 100 people how to use a table saw in a single afternoon, or how to host a 30ft velodrome in our community’s living room.

And spread the word! Post this to your Facebook wall and twitter feed. Tell your friends and family about us. Talk to those who have means in your network about why they should care about what we do here.

We aren't asking you for a lot. Every little bit counts. Particularly right now: up to our first $10,000, your donation is being matched dollar for dollar by a generous member of our community. That means that every $25 you donate brings in $50 for the Asylum!

There's never been a better time to give, a better time to support the amazing things we make possible every day. Please help if you can.

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We help give form to ideas, providing community access to professional manufacturing equipment, education, and a creative community network.

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