Ten Things to Look for in a Fundraising Platform

Let Us Show You Why Razoo Stands out

  • What do they charge?

    Figuring out what you’ll actually net for your donations can be complicated. Make sure you research all the different ways you can incur charges: setup costs, monthly charges, additional transaction fees, chargeback fees, etc. We offer simple pricing: 4.9% + 2% and $0.30 cents on each donation, that’s it. To see how we compare, click here.

  • Do they issue tax-deductible receipts?

    We do. Our nonprofit partner the Razoo Foundation can recognize and receipt charitable contributions nationwide. The Foundation instantly emails your donors a tax-deductible receipt so that you don’t have to.

  • Do they offer in-house email AND phone support?

    We offer both, because we want to hear directly from you. We don’t outsource our customer support. Our proven team provides quick responses to your needs and questions. And we consistently receive praise for how we treat charities and donors.

  • Can I collect donations directly from my own website?

    We do. We offer a free donation widget that you can embed on any external website. Customize the look and feel to your liking. Collect donations from your own website safely and securely.

  • Can I set up team fundraisers?

    You can with Razoo. Fundraise collectively for special events like marathons, walkathons, and service trips. More people, more fun. No extra charges.

  • Can I track donations and download reports?

    We offer both. Track offline donations for a complete picture of your fundraising. Download detailed reports that can be integrated with other donor management and CRM software.

  • Can I post updates and collect donations on Facebook and Twitter?

    We integrate with Facebook and Twitter. You can use our status and donation widgets to motivate people to give. We also offer the Facebook donation app that lets you accept donations from your Facebook page.

  • Can donors give using their mobile phone?

    They can with Razoo. Your donors can give anywhere, anytime using our mobile-optimized site.

  • Do they accept all major credit cards?

    We do. Others do not, which could result in missed donations.

  • What happens to charge-back fees on credit cards?

    Razoo covers them. Others don’t. We want to protect nonprofits from the hassles and hidden costs of online fundraising. Others pass the cost to you.

We strive to maintain a superior level of product quality. In a head-to-head comparison we are still the best low-cost, high-value fundraising site on the Web.

Legal terms can be complicated so we’ve tried to make it simple. But if you have more questions or want to dig deeper, head over to our detailed terms of use: www.razoo.com/terms.

Thanks again for using Razoo!

The Razoo Team