Fundraise as a Team

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Bring people together to fundraise
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Create A Team



Helps leaders stay organized. Keeps everyone on the same page!


Accommodates small and large groups easily. Frees your team members to express their personality.


Groups like COPS Walk and iMentor raised up to twice as much on Razoo. You can too!


Timer and Thermometer
Monitor your overall progress.

Live Donations and Comments
Stay connected to your supporters.

Track your team members' activity.


  1. What is a Team exactly?

    A team page on Razoo unites multiple people who are fundraising for the same cause or event. Complete with a leaderboard, one-click fundraiser templates, and a real-time donation and comments stream, it couldn't be easier to keep track of your team's progress and cheer them on towards the finish line. Teams are ideal for any race or charity event, like marathons, bike rides, and service trips.

  2. Who should create a team page?

    The creator of the team page becomes the official Team Captain. The ideal team captain is the person coordinating the fundraising event. A team captain can invite others to join the team, add images, view donation reports, and add offline donations on behalf of team members.

  3. Where do I donate on the team page?

    First, find who you wish to donate to in the leaderboard. Click on their name, which will take you to their fundraising page for the event. Here is where you can make your donation.

  4. How do I join an existing team?

    To join a team, first navigate to the team page and then choose "Fundraise" from the right hand side under "Join This Team." You can use the tool to the right to search for the team you want to join.

  5. What is the process for creating a team?

    1. A leader or "team captain" first creates a team page.
    2. The leader then sends out invitations to team members using the "team member invite" feature located in the admin panel of the team page.
    3. Team members receive the invitation which prompts them to join the team by clicking a link. This link creates a fundraising page and adds it to the team page in one step.
    4. Team members update and customize their fundraising page and begin to market their page to their family and friends.