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On Razoo, raising money for your local school is fun, effective, and inspiring!

  • Anyone can start raising money in minutes
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Now anyone can raise money for any school or other nonprofit organization. All you need is a good cause and access to the Internet. We provide the rest! Many ordinary individuals are already on the cutting edge of school fundraising. They’re using Razoo to serve as the “online hub” for their fundraising campaigns.

Raising money for your school is inspiring on Razoo!

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Raising money doesn’t have to feel like visiting the principal’s office. Razoo makes it fun for you and your donors to rally around a cause. But don’t take our word for it - discover the Razoo experience for yourself!

Featured School Fundraisers

Need a few ideas before you begin? See how others have raised
money for their schools on Razoo.

  1. Community Partnership School's $1 Match Incentive

    Amount Raised: $136,100

    Challenge donors with a dollar-for-dollar matching grant. This successful campaign helped improve the lives of at risk kids by offering an education at the Community Partnership School.

  2. Sing-a-thon for Saint Agnes Choral

    Amount Raised: $315

    Keeping in rhythm, this 5-hour music filled event helped Saint Agnes take a choir trip across the country. The funds also helped expand this top notch music program!

  3. Tour de Europe Benefiting Beehive School

    Amount Raised: $255

    Abe and Katy are hitting the road in the name of adventure and philanthropy. The adventure will involve pedaling and camping through Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland on a tandem bicycle. They're hoping to raise awareness and funds for a primary school in Mzuzu, Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world.

  4. Spring Glen’s Community Playground

    Amount Raised: $4,525

    Spring Glen needed a playground. So the people of the community linked arms and built one. They raised money by honoring the most generous donors. It was that simple!

  5. Crossroads College Prep

    Amount Raised: $9,460

    Crossroads College Prep encourages its students to engage their imaginations in every endeavor, ranging from the sciences to the fine arts, and strives to develop respectful citizens, who apply scholarship, imagination, and critical thinking to civic and social responsibility in their communities and beyond.