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memorial fundraising

Jose Durante Memorial

Raising money in memory of a loved one is inspiring on Razoo!

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Featured Memorial Fundraisers

Need a few ideas before you begin? See how others have raised
money in memory of a loved one on Razoo.

  1. In Memory of A Boy Who Loved the Zoo

    Amount Raised: $10,160

    When his parents would take him to the zoo, William David Romans would laugh, giggle, smile, and point at the animals. This precious boy passed away of an unexpected illness on October 13, 2009 at the age of 9 months and 24 days. His parents are raising money for the Minnesota Zoo in his memory.

  2. An Inspiration to Others with Cancer

    Amount Raised: $4,625

    Rhonda Evensen battled breast cancer for more than 11 years. She was diagnosed at the young age of 33 and fought hard until her passing in November 2010. Rhonda motivated many through her resolve to beat the disease. Her friends and family are honoring her by raising money for the American Cancer Society.

  3. A Matching Grant for Big Cat Rescue

    Amount Raised: $215,825

    In their memory, the family of William and Lois Modglin supported Big Cat Rescue with a very generous matching grant of $218,489. All donations went to provide a sanctuary for lions, tigers, cougars, and bobcats, and to stop the abuse and abandonment of these magnificent animals.

  4. Honoring a Woman who Helped the Homeless

    Amount Raised: $750

    Many homeless and precariously housed young people were fortunate to find a skilled and caring person like Jill Belde. Her coworkers, deeply saddened by her passing, extend their deepest sympathy to Jill's family and friends, and they are raising money for YouthLink in her honor.

  5. A Scholarship Fund in Memory of a Wonderful Husband

    Amount Raised: $1,630

    Christopher Delaware was a wonderful husband, friend, brother, son and American. He dedicated his life to helping others through his coaching and by protecting his country. His wife is raising money for his alma mater, the scholarship fund at Lynchburg College.