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Top 3 Overall Fundraising Ideas

  1. Boy's Bar Mitzvah is Slam Dunk for Peace

    Amount Raised: $12,990

    Instead of presents for his Bar Mitzvah, Reed Lipman invited guests to make donations. The result was over $12,000 raise for Peace Players International, an organization that promotes basketball a means to unite divided communities in the Middle East.

  2. Wedding Gift is Gift to Cape Town Children

    Amount Raised: $2,991

    For their wedding, Londi and Eric asked guests to make donations instead of gifts. Their families responded by giving over $2,991 to an organization that helps orphans and children in townships throughout Cape Town.

  3. Big Cats Get Huge Matching Grant

    Amount Raised: $217,329*

    William and Lois Modglin of Glendale, CA decided to go big and put down a huge $218,000 matching grant. At halfway through, this is one of the most successful fundraisers we've seen.

    * Total recorded at time of posting