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Hundreds of thousands of individuals use Razoo to support their favorite causes. You can too.

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Why Individuals Love Razoo

  • 1. It just works.

    You have enough to do every day, so we've made Razoo tools clean and simple. If you can post your picture on Facebook, you can use our tools. It's free to get started, and we'll walk you though the process. You'll be fundraising in no time!

  • 2. Thousands have supported worthy causes through Razoo.

    Our secure platform removes the worry from donating online and ends the hassles of dealing with cash and checks.

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  • 3. Razoo's rate is the one of the lowest in the industry.

    Razoo's low rate mean more money goes to the causes you care about.

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  • 4. The best mobile and social sharing tools.

    Razoo gives you powerful social fundraising tools that help you share the joy of giving with your friends and family. Send them photos, videos, and updates. They can even donate on their smartphone phone, using our mobile optimized site, QR codes, and geo-located event coding. Check out our mobile giving tools.

What Can I do With Razoo?

  • Create a fundraising campaign in minutes

    Launch a customized fundraising page and share what you're doing with family and friends.

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  • Accept donations on your Facebook page

    Donors can give right on your Facebook page.

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  • Start a Team Fundraiser

    Larger groups love our Team Fundraising feature.

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What People
Are Saying

"I am already seeing positive fundraising results from our collaboration with Razoo and I am looking forward to a long, productive relationship!"

- Bjorn Karlman

"I'm impressed with your customer service and just wanted to let you know that it makes a huge difference."

- Lee Knight

"Thank you VERY much! We love what you do!!"

- Joy Fusco

"Razoo's platform is clean, crisp, and easy to use. It's so simple to set up a personalized and interactive fundraising page. Personalizing your message is vital when you are asking your friends, family, and coworkers for donations."

- Alex Maeder

"Razoo is so easy to use, it’s interactive, and a really great way to grab new donors."

- Lauren Mosley