The Great Commission: World Summit
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The Great Commission World Summit 2012

For Jesus Christ and His Kingdom in support of the Great Commission.

The Great Commission World Summit - Church and business leaders coming together for one purpose with one voice --- to impact the growth of the Church world-wide by multiplying church facilities and multiplying disciples.

What is the purpose of GCWS?

To respond to the Biblical command of the Great Commission to go out and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people, everywhere, that they might come into a saving faith in Jesus Christ and then themselves become disciples to share the Gospel with others.

What is the goal of GCWS?

The goal of GCWS is to raise significant amounts of money for the purpose of supporting Church growth worldwide.

Where will the churches be built?

ICM has constructed churches in over 60 countries. Funds raised by GCWS will be applied to projects around the world, including Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Who is ICM

ICM is a US-based Church-growth ministry propelled by the desire to see the Church of Jesus Christ advanced and supported across the globe. In its first 25 years, ICM has grown from building a single church in India to building thousands of churches, seeing thousands more daughter congregations planted, and providing bible study materials in multiple languages around the globe. ICM is foundation supported, meaning 100% of gifts are applied to the work. ICM is a tax-exempt public charity – 501(c)(3) – all donations are tax deductible.

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