My dog Oliver is in need of surgery. I think he got out of the yard and in his travels met a neighbor who maced him and broke his leg.

On October 26th my dog was maced and then had his leg broken by some stranger in my neighborhood. He's never shown aggression and wouldn't hurt a fly. He didn't deserve this.

On Sunday night, I came home and found my dog Oliver laying in the yard with one of his front legs shattered. In addition he at some point was maced, which covered his entire face making it almost impossible for him to see / breathe. After having Oliver in to the vet, they are recommending a minimum of a $3500 surgery to repair his leg and its more money than we have. My other option is to amputate the leg which is $1500 which is also more than I have available. The last resort is having him put down which I refuse to accept. If you are able to donate anything, even just 10 dollars, it will help me avoid having to put him down over a broken leg.
My funds have been exhausted just getting him in and out of the emergency care. Sadly, we don't know who did this so we can't hold anyone responsible for the cost.
Anything you are willing to contribute is welcome and will help save Oliver's life!
Thank you

Jeb and Oliver.

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