My cat Prometheus needs surgery on both of his legs. The alternative is him living in pain, and I don't have the money for the surgeries.

I am fundraising to pay for the surgeries for Prometheus' hind legs.

Prometheus has a rare, possibly congenital, condition that has caused both of his hip joints to fracture and deteriorate. He is living in pain and because of the effect anti-inflammatories have on cat's systems, there aren't a lot of long-term options other than surgery. The surgery would completely remove the hip joint and allow a fibrous joint to form. I have only had Prometheus a short time and can't stand the thought of letting him go or of him living in pain. I'm a recently graduated student working in a restaurant and have no way of paying for the entire surgery by myself. Prometheus means so much to me and anything you could donate would be so appreciated by us!

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