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2014 Nourish International Giving Challenge

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$56,862 raised

of $40,000

Nourish Chapters across the US raising funds to implement grassroots, sustainable development projects this coming summer.


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Nourish International

Starting a Goat Rearing Business with Orphans in Uganda - UF and Davidson

$6,195 149


Nourish International

Building Greenhouses with Urban Farmers in Ecuador- OSU

$6,142 145


Nourish International

Improving Health and Job Opportunities for Ugandan Women - Syracuse

$5,647 137


Nourish International

Provide Access to Clean Water for 1,500 People in Uganda - UW

$5,398 56


Nourish International

Expand Access to Clean Water and HIV/AIDS Education in Rural Cameroon - Claremont and Cal Poly Pomona

$4,980 60


Nourish International

Increasing Community Income through Organic Herbs and Entrepreneurship in Guatemala - UCLA and UCSC

$4,615 68


Nourish International

Rebuild a Women’s Medical Recovery House in Nicaragua - ASU, UC Berkeley, and UNM

$3,620 75


Nourish International

Improving Access to Healthcare in the Peruvian Amazon - UNM

$3,340 39


Nourish International

Building an Educational Center for Traditional Maya Medicine in Guatemala- Pitt

$3,290 39


Nourish International

Implementing Smoke-Free Stoves in Rural Peru- Dayton

$2,520 50


Nourish International

Providing Educational Resources to Children in Bali - U Idaho

$2,170 45


Nourish International

Community Development in Indian Villages Devastated by Hurricane Phailin - UT Austin

$1,640 43


Nourish International

Building Latrines in the Collambay Community, Peru - KU and UW Madison

$1,575 34


Nourish International

Improving a Local Women’s Artisan Center in Peru - Emory

$1,550 21


Nourish International

Building Gardens with Mayan Communities in Guatemala - VT and Vanderbilt

$1,525 25


Nourish International

Agroforestry and Environmental Education in Ecuador - Miami University

$1,450 17


Nourish International

Build a Database, Buy Computers, and Teach Women in Ghana the Skills to Use Them - UMN

$1,213 36


Nourish International

Supporting Healthy Communities in Guatemala through Communal Gardens - Indiana University

$1,195 25


Nourish International

Supporting Women’s Entrepreneurship and Sexual Reproductive Health in Uganda - Penn State, Duke, and Juniata

$1,045 11


Nourish International

Improving Education for 160 Guatemalan Children- UTK

$810 15


Nourish International

Teaching English to the Children of the Ecuadorian Amazon- Cornell/UPenn

$490 17


Nourish International

Building Community Gardens with Women and Children affected by HIV/AIDS in India - WFU and Wellesley

$460 15


Nourish International

Constructing 4 Primary School Classrooms in Rural Uganda - BU

$390 9


Nourish International

Bringing Clean Water Access to a Rural Ugandan Village - UGA

$360 6


Nourish International

Building a Classroom in Kyetume, Uganda - Hope College

$270 4


Nourish International

Construct Latrines at 3 Schools in the Peruvian Amazon - Rice

$105 4

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Nourish International invites college students around the country to be a part of the solution to global poverty, providing them with the training, support and creative space they need to make a difference. Nourish students run small businesses and invest their earnings in sustainable development projects abroad. Over the summer, Nourish students travel to assist community partners in the implementation of these projects.

This summer Nourish Chapters will be working all around the world from Guatemala to Cameroon to India. With our community partners, students will be building greenhouses and health clinics, teaching computer literacy and basic business skills and more. In this challenge, running February 5 - February 26, the Nourish Chapters compete against each other to raise the most funds, with a number of publicity awards and cash prizes at stake. We invite you to support our students so that they can continue to have a sustainable impact with our community partners.

See nourish.org for more information.

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