Help Jonathan and Mira raise funds to help the homeless and sharing the love of Jesus :)

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The Kazakhitos (Jonathan and Mira) are on a special mission this Christmas season. They've recently noticed homeless people, and have started asking how we can help them. We thought about this as a family and came up with a fun idea.

Jonathan and Mira are showing their support for Central Union Mission with this Christmas fundraiser. They're asking YOU - their friends and family, to show your support. So, donate and leave a comment, and let's see how we can join together to help the homeless!

This was our dinner conversation:

Dad: Jonathan & Mira, you could give the homeless people money... how much?

Jonathan: $2

Mira: Me too, $2

Dad: You know, you could give it to Central Union Mission. Let's pretend they can give someone a dinner for $1. How many people would get dinner?

Jonathan: $4 ... so... 4 people!

Dad: Ok. But what if you also asked other people to help. Who could you ask?

Mira: We can ask Mommy! Mommy, how much can you give to help?

Mom: Uh. How about $5?

Mira: Ok, $5 plus $4 so $9

Dad: That's 9 people! Who else could you ask?

Jonathan: Dad! How about you?

Dad: Ok, $10 from me

Jonathan: So, $9 plus $10 so $19. 19 people!

... and then they came up with about 25 more people we could talk to... and the list is growing. So, the Kazakhitos (Jonathan and Mira) are eager to see how much their friends and family (and their friends' friends) can work together to raise. They worked hard to make this video, so please enjoy and show your support!

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