Everyone deserves access to clean water! Partner with me to address water issues in Israel and Africa.

This year I was fortunate enough to be accepted in the North Peninsula Jewish Teen Foundation (NPJCTF). NPJCTF is a non-profit charitable organization that consists of 24 high school students who raise money to allocate grants to worthwhile causes. This year, our board decided that we wanted to fund projects addressing water issues such as access to water, clean water, and water for farming, in Israel and Africa with a focus on self sufficiency and sustainable development.

It is so crucial to get clean water to Africa and Israel. In many countries in Africa, sanitation coverage doesn't exceed 50% and water coverage (not necessarily clean water) doesn't exceed 60%, while here in the U.S water and sanitation coverage is 100%. In Israel, water levels are reaching an all time low and due to poor renewable water resources, is constantly polluting the little water it has. It is necessary to help those less fortunate in the world and any help is appreciated.

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