Incorporated as a statewide nonprofit, The Youth Education for Saving Consortium is designed to teach money management skills to students.

Dear YES Friend,

Let me begin by extending my sincere gratitude to you for your interest in YES Consortium. To date, we have brought our programs to over 1,100 participants at nearly 20 partner sites – accumulating approximately 1000 on-site hours at our program sites, and enabled teams from three (3) of our partner site to win or place within the top three schools in regional competition in North Carolina.

As you know, our volunteers help us accomplish our mission to provide financial education throughout the programming year. However, continuous support from individuals, businesses and organizations is essential to building the necessary capacity to meet the demand for our programs.

Your support enables us overcome issues like antiquated technology at some partner sites that, at times, hampers our ability to accomplish projects in an efficient and timely manner. Contributions allow us to not only continue serving existing partner sites but gradually accept requests for our services at new sites. Furthermore, it permits us the ability to retain well-trained individuals and to upgrade equipment.

We are so grateful to you for your contribution to YES Consortium, supporting our 2013-14 programming year. You will receive a letter of acknowledgement for your donation. Additionally, your contribution will be recognized on our contributors’ page on our website.

Whether the lesson is taught or “caught,” financial management is a fundamental life skill. This truth is even more paramount for children and youth. Supporters like you make it possible to reach, teach and inspire them to build a solid foundation today for an enriching tomorrow.


Kimberly Knox

Founder | CEO

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