This is a great opportunity to help those in the community that cannot afford the cost of health memberships to the YMCA.

Hello! I am on the Board of Directors for the Southeast YMCA and have a great opportunity for you to give a little to help A LOT! I am raising money to help our local YMCA in their annual Y-Campaign. Each year we give away thousands of dollars to great people that have come upon hard times in the way of health memberships. As you know, when we are tight in funds, extra's have to go, and oftentimes healthcare is one of the first. We believe at the YMCA, that this should not have to be the case, and with a bit of help from you, we can help some amazing people stay healthy until they are back on their feet. The YMCA does not turn anyone away due to a lack of resources!

Would you please help with a small but powerful donation? Please, Please Please??

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