Raising money to be a sponsor of the Volunteer Alexandria Arts and Crafts Festival on June 16th and 17th, 2012

This is a great local cause to give back to the community.

World Tavern Poker VA Northeast Region is a free poker league that plays at various restaurants and bars in the local area including Alexandria. The goal of this league is to create a 'poker family' of people who like to play poker and for those individuals to have a great time playing poker without gambling and playing for money. World Tavern Poker itself is a national organization out of North Carolina, with games all over the country (www.worldtavernpoker.com). There are regional events seasonally, as well as national events yearly where players can win World Series of Poker seats. The WTP VA Northeast Region has weekly themes, to help create a fun environment. The theme for this month will be contributing to the Volunteer Alexandria's Arts and Crafts Festival and Volunteer Event so that we can give back to the community. Additionally, we will be able to let new restaurants and bars, as well as new players, discover the league and learn about our weekly events!

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