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At Working Title Playwrights, we believe in sharing stories that engage the world. Because we see the world as a stage, we believe plays are a great medium. If you agree, we welcome your kindred spirit in support of making new plays happen by developing playwrights.

Working Title Playwrights, Inc., is a professional theatre company dedicated to the development and promotion of playwrights and new plays. Our goal is to provide all playwrights with the chance to excel -- by helping them tell their stories for stage; fostering the development of well-crafted plays; and increasing the visibility of theatre in Atlanta and beyond. Incorporated in 2003 as a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, WTP serves its mission by featuring workshops and education seminars; public and private readings; and collaborative programs with other recognized local, regional and national artists and cultural arts groups.

What began as a small group of friends supporting each other’s work and growth as writers has since become an international membership organization—currently comprised of 68 members, most of whom are within the State of Georgia, but also as far away as Australia. WTP's affiliated writers include many of the best-known playwrights in the Atlanta area. Cumulatively, they have had more than 300 productions and readings and won more than 54 playwriting awards, including several important national competitions.

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Greatly impressed by the effectiveness of WTP in mentoring the development of so many good playwrights in Atlanta, I was eager to help forward the mission of this remarkable program.

--Walton Rawls, Trustee, The Hellen Ingram Plummer Charitable Foundation

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