Running a 100 miler for Women's Leadership Program at Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding.

Hello Friends:

For the last four years I have been a passionately committed staff member to an organization named Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding (OBCP) whose mission is to challenge and inspire leaders in divided societies to work together to build peace.

On July 21st, 2012 I will be running the Angeles Crest 100 mile race in Southern, California.

Outward Bound, peacebuilding work and running this race have a lot in common for me. They all require characteristics of perseverance, courage, endurance, spirit, tenacity, and indefatigable spirit. The last four years I have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful peacebuilders (now my teachers) from the Middle East who have helped sustain me during my long runs. These wonderful individuals have taught me many lessons, probably the most important: it’s not a sprint to achieve peace but rather a mindset of steadiness, perseverance and patience.

During the ups and downs of this type of race where steadiness is essential, I have found it useful to draw upon a particular quote known to the Outward Bound Community: Plus est en Vous. (You have more in you than you think). As challenging as it gets along the way I can draw upon this for inspiration and to keep me moving forward.

I will be running to raise funds for a new program that OBCP will launch this fall WOMEN ASCEND which aims to connect and empower women leaders in divided communities to work together to build peace. Women need opportunities and sacred spaces to recharge, challenge themselves, reflect, develop relationships, and practice their leadership skills while building alliances with other women who have opposite viewpoints.

We want women peacebuilders to have the opportunity to find more in themselves than they thought possible and to be able to ASCEND toward their goals.

I hope you will support me on my 100-mile race so that I can help challenge and inspire women leaders in divided societies to build peace!

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