Missionary Kids Ministries is run by Dale and Sharon Wisner. YOU or someone you know has been affected by this ministry in some way.

YOU CAN SUPPORT MKM For The Price Of A Movie - $10 A Month

We need your help to keep the doors of MKM open. If everyone affected by this ministry donates $10 a month - we will reach our goal.

Current Monthly MKM Support Comes From:

  • Churches (14)
  • Individuals (4)
  • MKs (3)
  • Family (2)

If this ministry is to continue, those of you who have come through the doors of Missionary Kids Ministries might want to consider helping support it. Dale and Sharon have been working to keep this ministry going. Let's help them NOW!!!

MKs, Missionary Community, Family, Friends

This is your CALL TO ACTION.

Contact Us:

PHONE: 909-338-4838

EMAIL: missionarykidsministries@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.mkministries.org

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/MissionaryKidsMinistries


PO Box 9286, Cedarpines Park, Ca. 92322

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