Let's support the NODCC for the work they do to help families with people affected with ACC.

I was diagnosed when I was 21 in England but the diagnosis was not firm. In 2006, at the age of 44 in California, I was diagnosed with ACC for sure.

Due to living in Camphill Villages, I have become an accomplished potter (I teach others now) and photographer. I have my own photography business specializing in souvenirs and local points of interest. I live on my own and have my own vehicle.

I also work for the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State which helps people become more independent and self-reliant.

My family is very supportive and they help when I need assistance with situations that I am having difficulties with. Also, there is a support team made up of friends and acquaintances that is very important to me.

The NODCC has made a big difference in connecting me to people with the same diagnosis.

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