The Wilderness Classroom fosters appreciation of the natural world and improves elementary and middle school students' academic skills.

The Wilderness Classroom started with a simple idea: to improve students' core academic skills and appreciation for the environment by introducing elementary and middle school students to the wonders of exploration and wilderness travel.

Ten years and eleven expeditions later, the Wilderness Classroom reaches over 2,000 teachers and 70,000 students each year.

We work to instill a lifelong appreciation of the natural world while improving basic skills like reading, critical thinking, and communication by highlighting the joy of discovery.

Because of the generous support we recieve from a growing network of foundations, corporate sponsors, private donors, and volunteers, our educational programming is free for all classrooms to use.

Please help reach our goal of working with over 100,000 students in 2013 by make a tax deductable donation today.

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