Help students creatively, courageously, and intelligently apply a Christian worldview to challenges in their home societies and workplaces.


The message written below in 2012 is as exciting as ever, because God is using Christian international students as redemptive change agents in amazing ways. I recently returned from my fourth 10-day trip to Northeast India where our mentee there continues to grow in his vision and skills as a redemptive change agent. I'm planning several more trips in 2014, God willing. One will be to Eastern Congo where one of our current mentees will launch a biblically-based training program for government, social, and pastoral leaders in the region. What a privilege!

Bob Osburn (November 2013)

The Academy's dream---mentoring international (and American) college students to be Christian redemptive change agents---is working! In late October and early November 2012, the Academy's founder, Dr Bob Osburn, visited 14 returned international students in China, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

"What I found in greater abundance than I ever expected are former international students who passionately follow Christ as they make a substantial difference in their societies!" observed Osburn. Whether leading innovative institutions that offer unparalleled opportunities to the poorest in society, connecting returned students in returnee fellowships, developing integrated rural development projects in order to open the door for sharing Christ, or applying biblical teaching to the task of successfully managing a very large business, these students (not necessarily graduates of the Academy) show that God can work through them to positively impact their societies.

"The reality on the ground is stunning," said Osburn, who has mentored 16 college students (mostly international) since the Academy's founding in 2009. Among those who have returned home, one is a dean in a public university, another leads a peace and reconcilliation effort in his deeply troubled nation, and another has developed a successful Christian school in a very poor city (with plans to launch a second).

God has brought the world to our doorstep so that they can find the Savior who, in turn, launches them on lives of redemptive change. The Academy helps them achieve that goal which reflects the spirit of Romans 8:19: "For all of creation waits eagerly for the sons of God to be revealed." When Christian students engage their societies with the love and truth of the Gospel, Christ is honored and societies flourish.

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