Your support will help students such mine at Bunker Hill Community College find at least $198,250 in financial aid for college.

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." -- Raoul Duke

To that end, I will run the 2011 Boston Marathon.

ACCESS last year helped more than 3,000 low-income Boston students with one-on-one counseling apply to college and for scholarships. These students secured $61 in financial aid for every ACCESS dollar spent.

My goal is to use the Marathon to make all 12,000 students at Bunker Hill Community College aware of the free help ACCESS offers them. I also want all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to understand the new GI Bill and the college opportunities they have. At the moment, too many veterans do not understand the educational benefits they have earned.

Photo of me above is a self-portrait (autoritratto) from cell phone taken after my Saturday, February 12, 2011. As a quest for truth, I just use the first photo I take. The foggy lens, from having the phone in my pocket, is just artistic luck. Neither rain nor snow nor sleet. Sixteen (16) miles today. Saturdays are team runs. We didn't have one today, but I went over to Newton, where we do these runs, and ran anyway. I will continue to post a self-portrait after each Saturday run.

I am asking 100 people for $50 each. Be one of the 100. By all means, give as much as you want. I will still ask 100 people for $50 each and raise as much as I can. Thanks.

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