Help Weil Boston "Sponsor a Vet" in need of canine assistance thru NEADS' Canines for Combat Veterans program!

We all cherish our freedom and the companionship of others. This summer, Weil Boston is Paying It Forward to a wounded American servicemember looking not only to regain his or her freedom, but also to experience the unwavering support, friendship, and loyalty of a lifelong canine companion. By helping us to raise the funds necessary to cover the training and certification costs of a NEADS assistance dog, our Pay It Forward supporters will profoundly impact the life of an individual in need who gave so much of themselves so that we may enjoy the things we cherish most. For a brief, heartwarming video describing Canines for Combat Veterans, please click the following link ( Weil Boston and NEADS sincerely thank you for your support and generosity.

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