The Webber-Chapman team would like to help eliminate malnutrition and illiteracy by adopting the area of Cuzco, Peru.

A large proportion of children in developing countries don't have enough food or the right nutrients in their diet. The effects of malnutrition include lowered intelligence and mental impairment, fatigue and numerous health problems, and death. Because of the bad effects, kids who grow up malnourished have a difficult time living productive lives and supporting themselves, increasing the cycle of poverty and malnutrition.With the funding we raise, local representatives will

  • Provide nutrient dense supplements
  • Provide bi-annual de-worming of children
  • Monitor growth every six months
  • Sponsor elementary education scholarships for children unable to afford school
  • Promote health education

Our goal of $6,175 will support the children in the area of Cuzco for a second year.

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