Expand your world. Help educate, enlighten and entertain your community. WDSE•WRPT's public service is made possible by member support.

WDSE•WRPT is public television for Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin providing PBS programming and 4 digital streams over-the-air on Channels 8 & 31.

For over 45 years, WDSE•WRPT has served as the Northland’s destination for lifelong learning & entertainment. WDSE•WRPT is a trusted non-profit community partner providing media and services for the public good.

By providing multiple means of accessing information, WDSE•WRPT helps people discover themselves and humanity, their region and world, and through awareness and learning become informed and connected citizens.

WDSE•WRPT values kids: from the beginning, children’s education has been a key service. WDSE•WRPT broadcasts over 23 hours of children’s programming each day, including PBS Kids and PBS Go programs as well as Wisconsin’s instructional television service.

WDSE•WRPT delivers high quality and an engaging television experience, from iconic PBS programs and specials on national and global issues to locally-produced productions & documentaries on our area’s history, arts, culture and communities.

WDSE•WRPT honors our region. The live production of The PlayList spotlights local artisans, giving performers and artists a public venue to showcase their talents. WDSE•WRPT documents our unique history through specials like Waasa Inaabidaa, Split Rock: The Superior Light and Stage to Screen: Historic Theaters of the North. WDSE•WRPT celebrates our cultural diversity, from production of the nationally distributed Native Report series to specials like Uusi Aika and They Came from Sweden. WDSE•WRPT captures the might and muscle of the Northland in programs like Working Waterfront, Working on the Railroad and Iron Country. For more local flavor, area cooks and treasured recipes are featured on our perennial cooking show, WDSE Cooks! WDSE•WRPT tackles local issues, from Almanac North, a weekly public affairs show featuring discussion on timely regional topics to local election specials that give candidates a chance to present more than a thirty second soundbite.

WDSE•WRPT provides everyone with the opportunity to explore themselves, their community and their world through educating, enlightening and enriching programs and services.

Duluth Superior Area Educational Television Corporation is the licensee of the educational, non-commercial WDSE•WRPT.

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    Expand your world. Help educate, enlighten and entertain your community. WDSE•WRPT's public service is made possible by member support.
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