WaterLegacy is working to preserve and protect Minnesota’s water resources and the communities that rely on these waters. Please donate now.

We face a long and expensive struggle to keep sulfide mining pollution out of Minnesota. PolyMet is close to releasing their Final Environmental Impact Statement for public review, and we need to go into the final 30-day public comment period fully prepared.

Your commitment of financial support NOW helps prepare expert analysis and citizen testimony that could make the difference in protecting Minnesota clean water, fish, wild rice and human health.

Our successful approach combines

  • providing expert technical and legal advocacy,
  • fostering citizen engagement,
  • collaborative engagement with agency staff, and
  • alliance with other groups.

Please help ensure WaterLegacy's award-winning capacity continues to work for you, to protect Minnesota's lakes, streams and drinking water now and for generations to come.

Thank you from the WaterLegacy Team


Join the PolyMet Health Effects Campaign today at http://waterlegacy.org/PolyMet-HealthEffects.


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