WWEE empowers low income women to achieve their full potential and end dependence on welfare through living wage employment.

The impact of WWEE’s work in the community is significant and far reaching.

For our clients, WWEE programs help increase real wages, prevent homelessness, provide individualized job search services, mentorship and supported pathways to higher education certification and the trades. We help clients gain the skills they need to leave welfare, build their assets and gain economic self reliance.

In the community, we increase the tax base as our clients transition from users of the public safety net to taxpayers, we reduce dependence on welfare for further cost savings of approximately a million dollars annually based on reductions in Temporary Aid to Needy Families payments. Our programs impact the number of women in the workforce, reduce evictions and homelessness and generally work to build a community where all members have equal access to employment and training they need to be economically independent.

In the workforce: we increase the ability of women to enter employment and enhance their long term earning power. We partner with businesses to provide talented and motivated employees who are work ready and motivated. We work with municipal partners and other non-profits to fill gaps in services for low income individuals and with community colleges to provide skill building and employment services which prepare students to succeed in school, certification programs and vocational training.

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