Make sure WCHS continues to maintain Waseca County history for all generations--past, present & future! Got a Waseca County connection?

Be part of the Waseca County History Center family. We want to continue to educate and interpret for the next generation.

A former Waseca County resident who had been on our website wrote, “It was like visiting home.” We work to save the history of Waseca County for all time. Funds for operations is necessary to provide financial stability, so that fundraising, membership drives, and grant requests can happen effectively. Behind the scenes, staff and volunteers are constantly processing information, artifacts, family histories, oral histories, photographs, archival documents. There are over 37,000 artifact records, 17,000 photographs, 350,000 archived records, all constantly being indexed and updated for website access. Members support WCHS annually from all over.

The Waseca County Historical Society was organized in 1938. We just celebrated 75 years of keeping Waseca County history safe and accessible. WCHS benefits from 8 endowment funds held by the Waseca Area Foundation, part of the Minnesota Philanthropy Partners.


WCHS is one of only three non-church research sites of the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Minnesota! The Waseca County Historical Society is a member of the Minnesota Historical Society, the American Association of State & Local History, the Minnesota Council of Non-profits, The Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums, and the American Association of Museums.

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