Raising awareness of & money for ME/CFS research! For more information, watch the video, visit my site, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook!

I'm walking across the state of Michigan - from Detroit to Holland - to raise public awareness of ME/CFS and to raise money for the CFIDS Association of America.

ME/CFS - Myalgic Encephalomyalitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - is a crippling illness, which in its most severe form leaves the victim exhausted all the time, in chronic pain, in a mental fog, too weak to move. There is currently no cure, and the medical establishment has little to no understanding of what causes it.

I've experienced how badly ME/CFS can affect one's life. I had to drop out of High School halfway through my freshman year and didn't leave my bed much for two years. I was able to return to school for my senior year, as my health improved and I learned how to deal with the limitations the disease had imposed upon me.

Now I feel healthy enough to do something about the illness and those suffering from it. ME/CFS is an invisible illness - there are no physical signs of the disease - and beyond that, it's either misunderstood by or completely unknown to the public. Also, it doesn't receive as much funding as other, similar diseases, partially due to the fact that it isn't so well known.

If you donate, or even just share what I'm doing with others, you are helping us progress towards finding treatments, causes, and - one day - a cure for ME/CFS. You are also acknowledging people with this disease, many of whom feel invisible and alone.

Thank you for your support!




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