Every dog has it's day and this is it baby! START YOUR PAGE TODAY to raise money and win great prizes....it all benefits every paw here!

Every single penny raised stays right here at YOUR Humane Society for Greater Nashua!

Enjoy a FAMILY FRIENDLY day....bring your dogs, friends & family and enjoy the fun! Dog walk, pet friendly vendors, music, demo's, beer, food and other dog lovers! We also have the best RAFFLE TABLE on the planet!!!

It doesn't get any better than a day at Anheuser Busch in Merrimack...and admission is FREE for anyone raising pledges!

Spend the day with your dog...learn cool dog stuff....win cool dog prizes, you can even visit the Clydesdales (but not with your dog) and go on a brewery tour!

Every dog has it's day and THIS IS IT BABY!!!

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