We're raising funds to support after-school programs for war-displaced youth in Eastern Sri Lanka.

The Visions Texas Chapter is hosting a bowling event on Thursday, January 6th at the Crossroads Bowling Center in Beaumont, Texas from 6:00-8:00pm. Tickets are $15/person, which includes bowling and shoes for 2 hours plus snacks & refreshments. Please email nityakumar90@gmail.com to purchase tickets.

The funds from this event will help to support after-school programming for impoverished and war-displaced youth in Eastern Sri Lanka. Most rural youth in the war-hit regions of the Northeast lack access to good schools. As a result, they are unable to benefit from the provision of free education. Most rural schools are poorly staffed and poorly run. The after-school programs run by the Church of the American Ceylon Mission (CACM) provide extra classes in all the basic subjects for students, ranging from primary grades to Advanced Level. In essence, this after-school programming constitutes the only education many of these youth have. These programs are run on a low budget, basically providing the stipends for teachers and other basic supplies. They are often conducted in temporary structures or outdoors if necessary.

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