Ventana Sierra provides a window of opportunity for highly motivated, at-risk youth to realize their educational and career goals.

Through their various careers in social work, the news media and children's publishing, the founding members of Ventana Sierra became acutely aware of young adults who desired college or vocational training, but were financially unable to accomplish their goals. Some were transitioned out of foster care or shelters, or turned out by caregivers, unwilling or unable to continue providing for them. Ventana Sierra was formed specifically to help highly motivated young people like these build solid career paths toward a more positive future.

The application process is stringent, expectations high. Program residents must maintain a 3.0 GPA if they choose a college track. Those entering career apprenticeship programs must receive regular above average reviews by their mentors. In exchange, they receive housing, tuition, transportation, and lifeskills classes. Our objective is for every participant to leave the program equipped with the skills they need to walk, proudly and productively, into a brighter future.

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